What is Bright Futures Upbeat?

Bright Futures Upbeat is a lottery funded project aimed at helping Young Adult Carers in Torridge, North Devon and Mid Devon aged 16 – 24.

A Young Adult Carer is someone who provides care and support to another person, usually but not always a family member who is elderly, unwell, have hearing or sight problems, addiction problems or other issues? Their education, job prospects, health and social life may be affected by their caring responsibilities.

What Bright Futures Upbeat can do?

For Young Adult Carers we can provide 1 to 1 support to help them cope with challenging issues life, such as finding and keeping paid work, accessing training and further education or leaving home.

We can offer advice to ensure that they and the person they care for are getting the services and support they are entitled to. We can also provide information on the illness or disability that affects them and the person they care for and guidance to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing are taken care of too.

We also organise Peer Support Groups (camping, trips to the theatre etc )where they meet and socialise with other Young Adult Carers facing the same issues as they do.

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